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Symptoms of Lung Disease and How Smokers Can Overcome Them

If you are a smoker, or have quit after smoking for many years, then you are in a high risk category for many types of lung disease. Knowing how to put an end to these illnesses and in many cases preventing them in the first place is essential to your health and longevity! Here are some symptoms of lung disease and a way you can get rid of them and live a happier, healthier life. Chronic Bronchitis – This is characterized by a persistent cough, and the […]

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At Home Remedies for Lung Disease Smokers Take Note

Lung disease comes in many shapes and sizes. Smokers are also massively more likely to develop lung disease because of the tar that clogs their airways, and the toxic chemicals from cigarettes that are trapped in the lungs by this sticky, black tar. As such, knowing some good at home remedies for lung disease will help you overcome the problems when they arise – and hopefully will stop you developing more if you stick with them! Chronic Bronchitis Bronchitis is a nasty condition caused by inflammation of […]

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